Safety is Conrail’s top priority, and the commitment to safety extends throughout every aspect of the company. In compliance with Rule C, NORAC Operating Rules, and Conrail policy, all Conrail employees are required to attend periodic Operating Rules, Safety, and Risk Management classes. Conrail’s frequent outreach efforts and safety training benefits customers, contractors, and community at large.

All Conrail employees adhere to our Seven Point Safety Message:

  1. Seven Point Safety Message
  2. Safety is the first priority.
  3. Do not perform work that cannot be safely accomplished.
  4. Make a safe move, not a fast move.
  5. Do not take shortcuts.
  6. Work the safest way possible, use the safest methods.
  7. Wear your protective equipment. It only can save you pain and misery.
  8. Hazards – Three ways to handle: Avoid, Eliminate, Compensate
Conrail offers a tuition assistance program for employees who want to further their education by taking courses in a business-related area.