Working on Conrail Property

Accessing Conrail property for any purpose requires permission. Any construction activity on Conrail property requires plan review, flagging or other on-track protection, and inspection. An agreement will be required prior to work authorization on Conrail property or right-of-way. The safety of railroad employees and the public is Conrail’s first priority.

Below are a list of documents and specifications for various construction activities. Follow these instructions and submit the appropriate application for Conrail’s review and consideration. Conrail will require reimbursement for its time and resources to support the project from design through construction. Insurance in accordance with Conrail specifications will be required prior to entry on the property.

For a permit to enter Conrail’s property or to initiate the design review of a future construction project, please review the instructions below and fill out the Conrail Temporary Right of Entry and/or Design Review Application Form. Conrail’s CE-6 Specification covers general work on the property and must be used for design of the project. Any type of intrusive work or excavations on Conrail property will require an Excavated Material and Groundwater Management Plan (EMGMP) filled out by the applicant. Template EMGMP documents are below.

Excavated Material and Groundwater Management Plans (EMGMP) if required:

Design and Construction of proposed pipeline or wire occupations shall be in accordance with Conrail’s CE-8 Specification for Pipelines or CE-4 Specification for Wires, Conduit and Cable. For new pipelines or wires, follow the below instructions and fill out the Application for Pipe and Wire Occupations. For maintenance of existing pipelines or wires, the Right of Entry Application shall be submitted.
Conrail requires that all personnel working within Conrail right of way participate in the Conrail Contractor Orientation Training Program. Instructions for completing this training are at the link below:
Conrail offers a tuition assistance program for employees who want to further their education by taking courses in a business-related area.